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Setbacks (was expecting this. Just not this soon!)

November 16th, 2012 at 11:24 am

Well, I thought I'd at least get to a swimming start for a few weeks before I hit some setbacks but that was not to be.

I had to travel for work and I had some unexpected expenses pop up and so I overspent my budget. Because of the travel, my cooking suffered and so I had some microwaved meals which were quite pricey (it was expensive microwaved meals or an expensive meal at a restaurant and microwavable meal is cheaper). I also have overshot my grocery budget by $65 and it is only half way through the month! Plus we've got the biggie holidays coming up next week.

I signed up for online pay with the IRS and my state government to pay down those tax bills. But I am having trouble logging in to pay, but I have set the money aside (and a reminder so I do not forget!).

But with today's paycheck I paid over $1,000 to all the debts. I'll update the figure on the side when they all get posted.

One of the reasons my tax bills are so high is because I filed my taxes late. And then since I owed some money the interest was tacked on. Next time, I am planning on filing on time. Because seriously...this is ridiculous.

Looking at my schedule for the next two weeks (before next payday and for month end), I am not anticipating big surprises...but we'll see how that pans out. I do have a wedding to attend, there is a holiday coming up, a few business meetings that could result in me having to make some snap judgments. This could mean trouble on the financial front since that's apparently how these things turn out.

Thank you for all the positive comments. Really love it.

4 Responses to “Setbacks (was expecting this. Just not this soon!)”

  1. baselle Says:

    This stuff happens. Its a bit like sailing - sometimes you have to tack into the wind. You do show good instincts by picking the cheaper of pricey situations, making sure that you always file, etc.

    The big thing now is to make $ decisions calmly which means give yourself time or try to at least make the snap decisions early in the day when you have the most willpower, then use your routine for the rest of the day. Willpower is like a muscle, badly used or overused it will fatigue and give out on you!

  2. snafu Says:

    Life throws us challenges and we learn it's important to stay calm and work through each. Critical to solve problem with IRS & State on-line payment system. Are all the banking details correct? Can you re-register?

    Sadly Thanksgiving and Holiday season will need to be more simplistic than you like this year as a result of missing filing date and incurring penalties and interest. Perhaps you could focus on an alternate goal and help out at a shelter or soup kitchen; your service will be much appreciated

  3. Jane Says:

    Sometimes you just have to make the best decision available at the time. Keep plugging- $1000 to debt repayment sounds like great progress!

  4. tid44863170 Says:

    IRS is sending me a pin and they haven't cashed my last check (sent two months ago) yet. I was able to log in to state system and pay bill which was immediately posted (yay!)

    This year's Thanksgiving is very, very mellow so I am not anticipating expenses.

    I got a parking ticket for $65 today and I am contesting it. But argh!

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