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Long time no update

December 5th, 2013 at 04:42 pm

I fell off the wagon again.

Here is where things stand now:

Student Loan #1 - $2669.01
Student Loan #2 - $32,498.04
Credit Card #1 - $9,292.18
Credit Card #2 - $1,398
IRS Bill - $7,605.98 (I consolidated 2012 and 2011 together)
State Tax Bill - $0
Total (3/26/13) - $53,463.21

There has been some reduction, but overall a fail because I began eating out regularly and lost my laser focus on debt paydown. I had a very rough year job wise and being hit with another IRS bill didn't make things any easy. The good news is I have not accumulated any new debt. The bad news is...well look above and weep.